What People Are Saying

“Your presentation was one of the best I’ve seen about how to successfully conduct a job search. Thank you for speaking with us today!”

“I truly enjoyed your presentation today…Your spreadsheet strategy to gather job contacts and maintain job history is something I truly need to do.”

“It was awesome meeting you today. The information you provided today was very valuable.” 

“Yours is very precise and to the point. I loved your presentation.” 

“The presentation was great.  A hearty thanks from me to you. Excellent work.”

“Thank you for your presentation and following up…Showing the preparation as a puzzle is a great way to tell the story.  It has given me new perspective on the preparation for job seeking.”

“I attended the meeting yesterday where you presented an organized job search approach…thank you for sharing your time and talent with us. Since I am new to the area I found the presentation beneficial in providing a logical way forward as I slowly build my network…I also like the idea of maintaining a Network spreadsheet-indefinitely. Thank you again.”

“Thank you…Everyone gained valuable insight into how to conduct an effective job search.”

“I missed your presentation but heard it was great. Thank you for sharing the slides.”